Making it in the entertainment industry has not been easy for entrepreneur, Fidel Cashflow.  After attempting to change his ways to reflect a more positive light, everything has finally begun falling into place.  All until Pusha, his regular driver assigns Wolf, who just completed a 3 year bid, to drive Fidel around in what's supposed to be a regular meeting  at the studio. Sometimes it only takes one misunderstanding to complicate matters and force one to revisit ways of the past. This is one of those times. Watch as one unfortunate event gets amplified and opens up a world of murder, mayhem and madness including a spontaneous trip to Paris, France.

Starring: Cesar Gallardo,  Heather Collins, Sergio Higuera, Tania Higuera,  Kissimee Stix, G Twiz, Robert Caputo, Mary Jane, Heavy, George Gemaculate Gray, Dan Thuman, Tf Hernandez, Ant Hernandez, David Santiago, Larry Poynter Jr, Joseph Capote, Lyric & Nicole Valle